Martial Inverse – Chapter 104

Chapter 104 – Arrival at the royal capital

The sound of thunder within the pitch-black night slowly passed, however the mountainous forest did not experience any mercy from the lightning. As the dark night gradually scattered, a trace of dawn light came from the east slowly shine upon the horizon. The whole mountainous forest was immediately exposed showing a miserable appearance.

The round red flaming sun slowly rose from the eastern horizon and a warm light fell on the earth. For the forest that suffered a night of lightning and thunder, it brought some vigor and vitality.


Withdrawing his palm from Hua Yuntian’s back, Feng Hao exhaled a long breath and slowly opened his eyes. On the depths of his pupils, a cold glow was wiped.

“Congratulations Old Hua, your body’s heat poison has all been expelled!”

Looking at the similarly opening eyes of the old man, Feng Hao smiled as he spoke with a chuckle.


The old man exhaled slightly black air then opened his eyes. Hearing this, his old face was filled with an irrepressible expression of ecstasy.

“He Ah!”

He burst out a sound and his figure quickly went out. For a moment Feng Hao was stunned, then he followed out.




In the distance, the trees within the mountain range collapsed and the magic beasts dispersed to hide. There was an upright figure wherein boundless Wu Yuan burst forth, severe attribute went to his surroundings. Whether it was a rock or an ancient tree, all were pierced resulting into countless small holes.

Being repressed for far too long, finally being able to be free caused Hua Yuntian to laugh. Wu Yuan crazily poured out and everything in the surroundings was swept away.

Feng Hao quietly looked at all this without making a noise to disturb. Finally, after an hour later Hua Yuntian had a hint of a carefree smile as he returned.

“Thank you great master for your grace of detoxification, I, Hua Yuntian will forever remember this!”

Looking at the delicate face, Hua Yuntian slowly said with faint excitement.

“Hehe, those are Old Hua’s words.”

Feng Hao chuckled and shook his head, “Old Hua, in the future do not call me great master. I know that you want to say that you are really grateful, however Old Hua, I have to trouble you to change your way of address. Everytime I hear those words it’s awkward, heihei!…”


Hua Yuntian stared blankly, immediately a smile emerged from his face, “Hehe, considering the difference in age, this is an unpleasant situation. Alright, in the future great master would be changed into little brother Feng, is that good?”

“Hehe, that works!”

After that, the two people laughed again.

“Little brother Feng, what is the next plan?”

Intentional or otherwise, he cast a glance to the youth at the side as the hot flaming sun rose in the sky, Hua Yuntian asked.

“Go to the the royal road, Wind Moon Academy!”

Looking at the red light, Feng Hao’s smile gradually closed, his eyes brightly glowed.


Hearing these words, Hua Yuntian felt a bit surprised. Looking at his side, he saw the facial expression of the youth causing his eyebrows to cluster. Pondering for a little, he said, “Just in time, I also want to go back to the royal capital, we can go together. How about that?”

“That way works!”

Turning around, Feng Hao’s face also revealed a smile.

“When are we leaving?”

“Right now.”

Once again sweeping the cave with his eyes and looking the the mountain range, hearing the vague beastly roars, Feng Hao exhaled and nodded towards Hua Yuntian.


A pair of red and white wings spread from Hua Yuntian’s back, instantly they were in the sky.

Azure sky above, together with a stream of light,  gales of winds coming from far and near rushed. A moment later, in a flash they were at the edge of the horizon causing envious noises to be heard from the ground.

To be able to fly, one must at least be at the Martial Spirit stage. Seeing such a fast speed, no ordinary Marital Spirit expert can do such a thing. Who doesn’t want to fly?

Along the way, Feng Hao also saw a lot of young male and females going towards the direction of the king’s road, this caused him to have suspicion.


May be reading Feng Hao’s doubt’s Hua Yuntian chuckled, “Little brother Feng, you didn’t know ah. Now is the enrollment time of the Wind Moon Academy.

“So that was the case!”

Feng Hao suddenly nodded and his eyes gently narrowed.

His agreement with Yun Ying of three years still had a few months left. In order to challenge her, he must first enter Wind Moon Academy, that is the first step. In the case that he was unable to enter the academy, then he was afraid that no one would take notice of him.

Therefore, he needed to enter the academy. Thankfully, the was just in time for the enrollment so he did not need to go through the backdoor.

“The Wind Moon Academy does not distinguish the poor and lowly, as long as one is talented enough, one can enter the academy to cultivate. This is the same reason why even royalty and nobles who’s talent not reaching the bottomline cannot enter the academy. That is because if they did, it will only smear the academy’s reputation!”

Seeing Feng Hao pondering, Hua Yuntian explained some more.


Feng Hao naturally knew this, when he thought of it, his mind became more urgent. In his urgent waiting, they flew for nearly half a month. Afterwards, the two finally reached their destination, West Mist Kingdom’s royal capital, Brilliance Royal City!

Standing on the dome of sky above, Fang Hao looked down at the magnificent city under the clouds. Slowly exhaling a sigh of relief, more than two years time has already passed. More than  two years of bitter cultivation, he was finally here!

Not only was this for himself, this was also for his father and family, he had to be on time!

“Yun Ying, the waste has come as promised!”

A pair of two resolute eyes stared at the city. Feng Hao’s body at this moment trembled with emotion.

Seeing the youth be like this, Hua Yuntian sighed a little. Although he did not know why the youth’s mindset had such a change, but he knew that it was absolutely not good.

He thought a lot, this youth was too unpredictable. With no attribute he refined an ice attribute yi crystal. This was the same case with his mastery of martial skills. All this were unusual, but the thing he most would not forget was the events in the ice field.

How can a Martial Practitioner explode with such earth shaking power? That even caused him, a Martial Ancestor to shake with horror!

Therefore, he made the decision from the beginning that he must entice him, even please the young man. Regardless of the price he was willing to pay!

“Whoever it is that offended him, I will sweep away!”

Hua Yuntian’s eyes flashed with faint firmness!

“At last!”

Under the amazed eyes of everyone, Hua Yuntian slowly landed on a small hill outside the king’s road.

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